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WMS Warriors 1KVA 12V Off-Grid Inverter

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WMS Warriors 1KVA 12V is equipped with MPPT solar charge controller to maximize and regulate DC power from the solar array for charging the battery bank. Transformerless design provides reliable power conversion in compact size. Besides, it’s worry-free to start up motor-type loads such as refrigerators, motors, pumps, compressors and laser printers as well as electronic loads like TVs, Computers, power tool and battery chargers.


WMS Warriors 1KVA 12V Off-Grid Inverter


Main Features

  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • Output power factor 1 (only 0.8 for 3KP/5KP Models)
  • Built-in battery equalization function to extend battery life cycle
  • Built-in MPPT solar charge controller
  • Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers
  • Selectable charging current based on applications
  • Configurable AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting
  • Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
  • Battery equalization for optimized battery performance and lifecycle
  • Parallel operation with up to 9 units only available for Axpert MKS 3KP/4KVA/5KVA*
  • Optional remote panel available (NOT available for Axpert MKS 3PK-24 / MKS II 5K / MKS 5KP)

Informations complémentaires

Poids 5.2 kg
Dimensions 95 × 240 × 316 mm
Rated power

1000 VA, 1000 W

Parallel capability



230 VAC

Selectable voltage range

170-280 VAC (For Personal Computers), 90-280 VAC (For Home Appliances)

Frequency range

50Hz (Auto Sensiing), 60Hz (Auto Sensiing)

Ac voltage regulation

230 VAC ± 5%

Surge power

2000 VA

Efficiency peak


Transfert time

10 ms (For Personal Computers), 20 ms (For Home Appliances)


Pure Sine Wave

Battery voltage

(24 VDC and 48 VDC version are also available), 12 VDC

Floating charge voltage

13.5 VDC

Overcharge protection

15.5 VDC

Maximum pv array

102 VDC

Maximum pv array power


Mppt range

15 VDC ~ 80 VDC

Maximum solar charge

40 A

Maximum ac charge

20 A

Maximum charging current

60 A

Operating humidity

5% to 95% Relative Humidity(Non-condensing)

Operating temperature

0°C to 55°C

Storage temperature

'-15°C to 60°C

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WMS Warriors 1KVA 12V Off-Grid Inverter